International Day

Each year Fagerlia VGS host a international day. This day has a international focus where the students and teachers can get more information and insight on different themes and current issues. This year the school has invited a crowed of people which are coming here to talk about their experiences and lives. Some are refugees who have fled from war, and others are well informed adults which can provide us with a lot of information about topics we want to immerse in. All of the invited people have each their room where we can stop by and ask questions and listen to their stories. This is presented as the human library.


The human library is therefore the exhibition of the well informed people who are, in this case, representing a book. Our task for the day was therefore to visit at least 3 people from the human library and immerse in one specific. I chose to visit a 38 year old man who escaped from Syria, two boys attending school with us here at Fagerlia VGS and a woman called Mahasen Al Hassan. Mahasen was the one who caught my attention and the one i wanted to write about.


Mahasen Al Hassan is now 20 years old and escaped from Palestine in 2008. Her dad was from Palestine and her mother from Syria, therefore she and her older brother did not get any citizenship. She was stateless and had to flee when the war broke out. They travelled in a ambulance from Palestine to Egypt and for every stop they made they were sure that they would be killed. When they finally made it to Egypt alive they got fake passport and flew to Germany where her uncle lived. After the flight they travelled by boat to Sweden and from there to Norway.


In Norway they got driven to Ålesund where Mahasen and her brother could start school. Her family was constantly fighting to get a citizenship but the stat would not let them have it. After 8 years both Mahasen and her siblings got a citizenship and she completed high school. Both she and her big brother got jobs along with both her parents. She is currently working as a pharmacist and her brother is working within industry, her younger brother is now a 10th grader and she also got smaller siblings which is also attending school.


Through this day I got to know a lot more about the life of a refugee and challenges that may occur on the flee. It was very enlightening and I felt like this was an experience that helped me a lot with understanding the different challenges and the everyday life of a refugee.

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